Zach Cann

Zach Cann

Missionary in training at Grace Bible Church

Life involves a lot of waiting. Whether you are waiting for the weekend to come or waiting for payday or waiting for a season of life to begin (or end), everyone waits. And the greater the waiting and hoping, the sweeter the realization of those longings. How delightful it will be when we see Jesus face to face!

Cass and I talked about the possibility of going to Papua New Guinea (PNG) back in 2010 when we were dating. We made definitive plans to go in November of 2012. We applied for work permits with our teammates in April of 2014. Our waiting partly came to an end yesterday when our work permits were approved by the PNG government! This means we officially have permission to live and work in Papua New Guinea for at least the next three years (before we go through a much simpler renewal process).

So what next? (The question that is on everyone’s mind.)

Our agent in PNG is going to start our entry visa application process. In the meantime our team will start to look at plane tickets and develop several possible itineraries. When we have a tentative schedule and our freshly approved paperwork back from PNG, we will submit a new slew of documents to the PNG consulate in Washington D.C. They will stamp our passports with the visas we will need to move in an out of the country. After that…. well, there are just too many “to-dos” to list them all here. Having plane tickets will just give us a firm deadline to get everything prepared, packed, and shipped. We’ll keep you posted as thing progress! Thank you to all those who have been praying with us and for us through these seasons of waiting.

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