Cassidy Cann

Cassidy Cann

Missionary in training at Grace Bible Church
work permits and visas

Exactly one month ago today we all got word that our work permits had been approved. Within a week we purchased our plane tickets and today marks six weeks till departure. The picture above is us with our four entry visas and two work permits.

What are we going to do for the next six weeks? This post hopefully will give you a little window into how our lives look as we prepare to move ourselves and two little boys to Papua New Guinea in a month and a half. Below is just a small sampling of the current tasks on our checklist… in no particular order.


1. Visit Camelback Bible Church.

2. Finalize support numbers and balance sending cost budget.

3. Finalize what activities to bring on the airplane for Jude.

4. Back up computers.

5. Finish packing the shipping container. Buy any last bins needed and schedule time to pack at storage unit.

6. Cancel credit cards.

7. Cancel cell phones.

8. Change mailing address and use paperless options wherever possible.

9. Pack a box with anything we want to leave stateside with family.

10. Print pictures of family and friends in order to make a photo album for Jude and Oliver.

11. Finish buying furniture items at Ikea.

12. Apply for international medical insurance.

13. Check about the purchasing of all medical supplies we need.

14. Buy any remaining tools for housebuilding.

15. Start property management for our condo.

16. Pay for last months of storage unit and cancel storage unit.

17. Sell our cars.

18. Cancel car insurance.

19. Disassemble shelving at storage unit to make space for more storage bins

20. Pack at Hantlas – disassemble dresser.

21. Purge anything at Hantlas we aren’t bringing.

22. Clean up at the Hantla’s home, where we’ve been living for the last year and a half.

23. Last PNG garage sale.

24. Get Malaria preventative medication.

25. Doctor visits for Oliver’s 9 month and Jude’s wellness.

26. Review and tweak Orientation section of strategy statement.

27. Write thank you cards.

28. Zach and Matt to talk through the translation philosophy.

29. Finish last Greek exam.

30. Finish Greek exegetical project.

31. Spend time with family in Tucson.

32. Spend time with family in Phoenix.

33. Spend more time with friends.

34. Thank you dinner for our Missionary Support Team (MST).

35. Order shipping container.

36. Buy wood for housebuilding.

37. Buy plumbing materials.

38. Housebuilding/plumbing pre-fab training day.

39. Go to church and the airport on November 30.

40. Admist all of this, I also want to spend good time in the Word, care for Zach, care for our kids, make dinner, clean, etc…

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