While on a trip to Madang two years ago, Jeremy Lehman made contact with SIL here (Wycliff Bible Translators). Through that contact, we were offered the rental flat in which we now live. As I think back on this I remember being thankful that we had a place already lined up, so arrival in PNG, with all its craziness, wouldn’t also include sleeping on the Lehmans kitchen floor… :)

But oh, how little did I know of the plans of God! Because we live in this flat we have made key contacts with so many people who have helped us already in so many ways. Like I have mentioned before, our property houses two flats, for us and the Dodds, as well as a small flat for national translators who come to town for whatever reason. This backhouse has allowed us to have dinner with men from places all over the Madang province. One of these men was Lucas who took the guys to Nekgini (see post: Lucas and Clara), and another is Nafian who has spent hours with us and the Dodds helping us learn even more about what tribes are in the Finisterres and their mindset; so the men are better equipped for survey work and our move there (see post: A Little Look at a Big Task).

Also, through this connection with SIL, we have met many others who work with them, including Matt and Liz Gentry, who offered to help administer some vaccines to Oliver, as well as teach our team a small medical course.

The medical course was two mornings and very helpful. We are thankful to be better prepared to care for our families in the bush, and reminded that all of our health and safety lies in the Lord’s hands. As we can see from his providence in bringing us to stay in these flats, we know his hands do nothing on accident.

Isaiah 40:12

Who has measured the waters in the hollow of his hand

and marked off the heavens with a span,

enclosed the dust of the earth in a measure

and weighed the mountains in scales

and the hills in a balance?

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