Jude turned 3 on Saturday, April 4th (which is today for our friends back in the states, but it was yesterday for us). His birthday landed right in between Good Friday and Easter Sunday this year. It has been a joyful weekend. Above all, we get to celebrate the death and resurrection of Jesus, who died in our place at the hand of God to pay the just penalty for our crimes against his holiness, and who rose from the dead three days later in complete victory over sin and death. And as we have celebrated the three years God has given our precious firstborn son, we’ve been able to share more and more with him about the great Rescuer we have in Jesus.


Credit: Johanna Watson

On Friday, Jude and I were looking at some photos on Facebook, and we came across the picture of a painting made by our good friend Johanna Watson. It was a painting of Jesus walking out of the tomb with light shining through a wound on his foot (see right). This sparked a great little conversation about the fact that Jesus really did live again. And he lives now.

On Saturday, Jude enjoyed a lot of love and attention from those both near and far. He opened quite a few gifts and cards, and Cassidy made him a delicious chocolate cake. And in the midst of it all, it was heartwarming to watch Cassidy pull him up onto her lap and pray with him. Jude got to hear his mom thank God for giving him to us. Jude heard his mom thank God for sending his firstborn Son to die so we might have new life. Jude heard her pray that he would be willing to share his sweets and treasures with others, and that this too would be a mercy from God.

And Jude did share! He shared his yummy chocolate cake and new toys with 23 other people who came over for a celebratory dessert. And as we rejoice at his 3rd year of life, we pray that God would give him new life that is found only in Jesus.

Jude playing guitar on his new guitar shirt:

Jude realizes he got he real ukulele!

Enjoying lunch at a restaurant with our team:

Getting ready to blow out his candles:

Opening presents:

And a couple of videos of Jude:

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