I have to share another unforgettable highlight from my recent time in PNG. While I was visiting our missionaries, a group of believers from Mibu and Mina hiked many hours to come see me. The photo above is a huge praise because these local church leaders are praying for my friend Daniel Bright after he told them of his heart to become a full time church planter. These men know firsthand what it means to have a church started in their midst, and their lives have been completely changed by the work of the Holy Spirit when they heard and believed the gospel. David and Sesi (our first two believers in Mibu back in 2006) are still going strong after 10 years. Joel (green shirt) became a believer through the outreach of the Mibu church, and is now shepherding the newest church plant. Also in the picture are Zach and Cassidy, one of the couples that God raised up after 10 years of all of us asking Him to provide missionaries for the Ndo people. The people movement continues, and we are so blessed and humbled to watch God work!

Our vision is to plant churches in every language group of the Finisterre Mountains. This can only be done through spiritual multiplication. Does God answer prayers? Yes, he does! Many of you have been praying for this ministry for years. Please keep it up! There is much at stake!   So many villages are ready and willing to hear God’s message. Pray for the resources and manpower to reach them, for the villagers to remain open, and for the Holy Spirit to prepare them to receive the good news. Check out this tool to help you pray for missionaries.

For His Glory!