2 questions for the Mibu people – #1 (of 2)

When we met together for study last week, I had two questions on my mind for the Mibu people: First – There will be a day when we missionaries will no longer be here on a permanent basis. If that happened even now, would you be ready? Second – What specific changes has the Gospel brought about in your life since it came a few years ago? It was edifying to talk together about these things for the better part of a morning. Here are some of their thoughts of where they feel they are at in terms of being able to stand as a church on their own…

“We’ve learned a lot, but we feel like we are baby birds, unable to get our own food, but still needing to receive food from our mother.”

“It’s like we are half-casts – sometimes understanding and doing the will of God, and sometimes acting out of our own selfish sinful nature. Almost as if the Holy Spirit’s power in us is flickering on and off. We wonder how we can get God’s Word to stick with us so that we can bear lasting fruit.”

“We need to understand the Bible better – sometimes we have thoughts and we don’t know if they are from God, or just our own thinking. And we need a practical theology – we need to grow in teaching our own families, we need to understand and obey good business principles because we will be solely responsible for acquiring the supplies for literacy and for ministry.”

“Some areas of theology we don’t understand. For example, in Revelation where it talks about the ‘7 churches and 7 lamp stands,’ what is that talking about?”

I thought these answers were very insightful in showing some areas of need that the church here has. I would like to also share with you what their answers to the second question were, but I will do that in a separate email in the next day or so…

More later,