Three More Months

Things are moving so fast for us, I can hardly keep up. Just a few weeks ago, we finished up a 5 year training program. We are now looking at leaving for Papua New Guinea in less than 3 months!!!! Just a couple days ago, I was looking at some pictures of Papua New Guinea, and I thought, “Hey, that’s gonna be me!!!!” With as much thought and preparation that we have given this, it seems strange that we actually have not even been there. But, very soon reality will be hitting us in the face…..and I can hardly wait.

With as fast as things are moving, its hard to capture in words exactly how we feel about leaving. The best way I can think to describe it is to compare it to the few months that preceded our wedding. Here I was, about to marry the most beautiful girl in the universe; A girl so perfect, that the only thing I would change about her was her last name — indeed I did change it. But it was more than just the fact that our wedding was so close. It was that I had been praying for her for years, even before I met her. And so it is now. We’ve been praying for the tribal people in Papua New Guinea for nearly a decade. And in just 3 months, we’ll be going over there and actually meeting one of the tribal groups. We will be devoting our lives to them. Indeed we already have been devoted in an anonymous, yet very tangible way.

So, in the short time we have here in Arizona before departing, we have many preparations left to make. We have the tedious, and tremendous-time-taking task of itemizing every single item we plan on bringing into New Guinea. We have to place a dollar value on each item so that the customs officials in New Guinea can charge us an appropriate amount. Of course, we’re not thrilled to have to do this, but we accept it as part of the cost of reaching tribal people with the Gospel. Besides that, we have to get our immunizations, physicals, and visas, and plane tickets, and a few other things we’d like to bring with us to help us in our ministry.

Please pray for us!!!! We are not at all doubting that God will be able get us to New Guinea this August. But, in the midst of all the details, our highest ambition is to remember Him. We do not want to lose sight of Him. So, in the forefront of your prayers for us, please pray that God would continue to give us reminders of Himself. And, that we would yield to Him.

Thank you so much for your partnership with us.

Your Representatives to the People of Papua New Guinea,