T Minus 9 Hours, 27 Minutes, and 18 Seconds

When I woke up this morning, I was lying in bed, and then the thought hit me, “Holy cow, we’re leaving for New Guinea today!!!” I am in awe that this day has finally come for us to leave.

It was 8 years ago that I first heard the term “unreached people group”. Before that I did not realize that there are many many peoples that have never before heard the Gospel even once. And today, my family and I are leaving our home here in Phoenix to bring the Gospel to one of those peoples. Papua New Guinea has about 867 diverse languages that are spoken there. Many of those peoples have no Bible or have ever heard the Gospel. For the next 6 months we’ll be determining which of those unreached people groups we will be moving in with to minister the Gospel to.

From even before the time He created earth, God had intended that it would be filled with men and women that worship God for who He is. As I look at the Bible, I see that rather than imposing Himself on mankind, He has left it up to us who know Him to make Him known. Throughout the centuries, the Gospel has gone forth, sometimes due to man’s obedience, and sometimes in spite of man’s disobedience. I am encouraged as I read Revelation 5:9 because at the very end of the story of the Bible I see that God’s purposes will have been fulfilled because, “With your blood you (Jesus) purchased men for God from every tribe and language and people and nation.”

Today, we leave for New Guinea. Please pray for us that our efforts amongst one of the tribes there will bring the future reality of Revelation 5:9 one step closer to seeing fulfillment.


T Minus 3 Days

This is just a correction to yesterday’s update. We said that we are leaving on United Airlines from terminal 4, however we are really leaving on United Airlines from terminal 2. We tried to convince United to switch over to terminal 4, so we wouldn’t have to sheepishly write this email to correct our mistake, however, they would not comply on such short notice.

T Minus 4 Days

We leave from the Phoenix Airport on Tuesday, August 28th at about 8:30 pm. We are leaving on Untied Airlines (which is in Terminal 4) Flight #2369. Please feel free to join us at the airport for a nice big send off!

Love in Christ,