Me Again

Can you tell I need Joey back? Too many nights on the computer. I wanted to share the good news today (not the gospel – other good news) Here’s an interesting thought, I know we have been here a while now because I stare when I see a white person!!! lol. Anyway…

Today was the first day I had a “work meri” (work woman) It went really well. We have been hearing for years about the possibility of house help on the field – but I never really thought that I would need help… But I am catching on quick 🙂 I have known for a week that I had to find one – there is just too much work for me to do every day and have a family and ministry here – something had to go – and it couldn’t be family or ministry!! She did my laundry and dishes – but that somehow made my day open up – I was able to be on top of the household stuff AND do school with the girls AND get in 4 and a half hours language besides!! Wow – what a day!! This is such an answer to my prayers!!!

I was really nervous about the idea of having a lady in my house – the whole trust issue. Here culture says stealing is OK as long as you’re not caught – I have heard it is a good idea to count the pieces of laundry before you have someone wash it to see if it’s all there after she leaves…. It is hard to think about dealing with that. It is also hard to think about giving up some of running my own house. Even doing my own laundry and dishes… I don’t know if that sounds strange, it sure feels a little strange sitting at the table teaching my kids school as another lady does my dishes.

But God answered in such a neat way. Chris and Angie have a language helper that comes named Mark, and one day his wife Susan came with him. Mark and Susan are a young couple – have been married a while, but don’t have any children. It is obvious that she loves kids, though. Anyway, she saw Tabitha, the young girl who helps Angie with her laundry and shopping. She asked if Angie needed another work meri. (The “work meri” concept is very common here. Going wages are 1 Kina an hour – about 33 cents US) Angie didn’t need anyone else, but she knew I needed some help. So when Mark and Susan came to Chris and Angie’s house today – Angie sent them by our house. I talked some with Mark and Susan, they are really a sweet couple, and they profess to be Christians. So that’s how – today- I finally felt like I got most everything done and had time with the kids and got in plenty of language time!! PTL!!

Well, have a great day! (Even if you have to do your own dishes!)

Love to everyone,
for all of us

PS Tomorrow Marietta turns 4 !! 🙂 (October 23)

PPS Chris flew out to join Joey working on that house in the Sepik. The guys will be home Friday, but we are supposed to talk to them on the radio Wednesday. 🙂

Just the Four of Us

Dear Everybody,
Hello from the four of us! (Brooke and kids) That’s right, Joey is gone and I have taken over the computer. Actually – Joey is going to be gone for a whole week. Help! He is spending the week in the Sepik – another part of PNG – helping some other missionaries build their house! Though we miss him here – we are really excited about this time that he can spend out in the bush in a village. Not only will he be speaking more Pidgin, he will get to help out some other missionaries, get a better idea of how to build a house out in the bush, and generally just get a lot more exposure to life in PNG. I was worried about missing him too much – we haven’t been apart very often. But with the workload every day of language study, relationships, keeping up with the household stuff, and three small kids – I have hardly had time!! Please keep us all in your prayers, though.
Love in Christ,
for the Tartaglias