Meet Soso’s Family

Meet Soso and his family!

Soso (so-so) is a native Mibu man. He is a quiet fellow, and though we have interacted some, we don’t know him as well as the rest of his family. But don’t let the stern faces scare you, they are still trying to figure out cameras!

Soso’s wife, Tasem (ta-same), helps Brooke every other week with keeping up with the laundry and household work. She is easy to laugh and very outgoing. We had been in Mibu just a few months when she showed up and told Brooke that she wanted to learn how to use the washing machine that Brooke and Angie were sharing. Brooke showed her how it works while she was doing the laundry. The next day Tasem was back, announcing that she was going to do all our washing. We checked it out with the tribal leaders (we do so before hiring anyone, as they have the insight and the final say), and they said she would work well for us. And they were right! She often brings her little girl, Sarah, who plays with our children. Tasem has become a good friend.

Tasem was married to another man before, and they had a baby. Unfortunately, both her husband and the baby died. Soso, also, was married before, but his wife passed away. Sarah is their only child. She is, like her mother, quick to laugh and smile. Her dress and shoes are hand-me-downs from Marietta. Tasem will not accept official pay for her work, but she is happy to receive things we no longer need. Tasem had let Brooke know about Sarah’s desire for a pair of shoes, so when a pair was outgrown, we knew where to send them!!

Please join us in praying for Soso, Tasem, and Sarah. Tasem and Sarah have plenty of opportunity to watch us and our family. Pray that they would see a difference in our lives that only the Holy Spirit can cause. Pray that they would be questioning their old beliefs, and be ready when we teach to hear the full truth. Pray that Sarah would be able to grow up in a Christian family, and grow to love the Lord herself.

Thank you for your prayers for us and the Mibu people.
Love in Christ,