May-be Now

It’s May already… though the “April showers” continue.  They are year-round here!  Tonight Solomon tuckered out at an amazing 6pm, so Shiloh and Marietta and I (Brooke) are sitting together working on things.  I am writing overdue emails… Marietta is looking at books, and Shiloh is working on math in her school books.  Joey left early this morning for a three day outing.  He is hiking up to some village over a ridge we call the “smiley face mountain” for it’s shape.  He is traveling with his language helper Mark, and probably another guy or two.  Mark told Joey to bring some food as a gift for the village they’ll be staying in, so I packed him up with a bag of rice, (always a favorite), a can of corned beef, (a treat), and a bag of sugar (we don’t know just what they use it with, but we know they like it!)  Joey can give a report on the rest of the hike when he gets back.  🙂  We’ll pray for dry weather and strong ankles!

With a few things approaching, we would appreciate some prayer from anyone who has a moment.  First, the ongoing language and culture learning.  Joey is working so hard at it – and it shows.  Still so much to go!  Looks like his check 2 should happen in October.  My check one is scheduled for June, before the team from our home church comes to build the Language Learning Center. Though I am moving ahead daily, I don’t feel like I’ll ever be ready.  I pray as often as I can think it, “Lord, give me this language!”  I don’t mean without any work on my part, though if he wanted to do that, I wouldn’t argue!  Please pray that I can focus all the more on language learning, and that it would sink in and stay!!  🙂  Thank you!

Please be praying also for the team coming that I mentioned.  Please pray for the members of the team, that God would be using this unique experience in their lives, and that He would ready them for it.  Pray for us, as we get the logistical  things ready for them, and for the construction.  The team is building a small building (smaller than our houses) with three small offices, a work room, and a small guestroom.  Joey, Chris, and Geoff Husa (joining us next year) will each have an office; the work room will be for projects like making literacy materials and printing Bible lessons, duplicating tapes of the teaching, etc.  The guestroom, besides housing language checkers, language consultants, translation consultants, and pilots as they come through, is, of course, also for YOU.  🙂

The last prayer request I’ll ask for is for safety in travel for Shiloh, and peace of mind for her parents.  🙂   Shiloh will be traveling to Arizona to spend a month with her Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, and McDonalds. She will be traveling with another missionary family who is going home and was gracious enough to take her with them, and who are going right through Phoenix, besides!  Shiloh is very excited, and trying not to rub it in to her brother and sister too much. She will be coming back with my Dad, who is leading the building team.  We are so glad for this opportunity for Shiloh to be close to family, and that America might not seem so foreign after two years away.

Thanks for your prayers, and for your friendships with us.  We are blessed!

Love in Christ,
for the Tartaglias