Homework now exists in Mibu outside of our family!!  That’s right, the Mibu people have begun a school for their children.

If you can get the attached picture, see the boy on the left, Eron.  (pronounced Aaron).  His family had been sending him to a nearby school – two days walk away!  The distance meant that Eron had to live with a family near the school and only come home on school breaks.  The school fees are not cheap, either!  Only about 4 Mibu kids have been doing this and attending school. Well, now, with a school meeting right in Mibu, all the kids in about the age range of 10-15 or so are going to school right here!

Though we didn’t influence the people here concerning a school (except maybe indirectly by homeschooling our own children), we are just as excited as they are about this development.  Though the school is taught in the local trade language, Pidgin, they have expressed a desire to later teach the children to read and write in the Mibu language.  They know we are working on a Mibu alphabet as their language is, as of yet, unwritten.  After the adults are taught literacy, this school may very well be the way that successive generations of Mibu children are prepared to read God’s Word in their language!

Keep praying!!  God is working!

Lil’ Update

Thank you so much for your thoughts and prayers!  As some of you know, our co-workers, Chris and Angie Walker, left early for their furlough due to pregnancy complications.  They were able to get an ultrasound, and the baby looks just fine.  We are all so thankful!

Just 12 days and counting till our language checks!  We are excited, and (on Brooke’s part, anyway) a bit apprehensive.  🙂  March 8-10 is the new date, since it will only be us taking the checks now.  We’ll let you know how it goes!!

With love from the jungle,

PS The picture, in hopes that you are able to see it, is of our kids and their friend Menasali (men-ah-sah-lee) (girl).  We are so happy that the kids are finally making good friends here!