“Mom, who’s superman?”
Mom, “He’s a good guy.”
“What’s this?”
Mom, “It’s his cape. He wears it and it flaps behind him when he flies – like this..” (demonstrating cape flapping.) “But Mom, what does he do??”
Mom, “Well, he goes around helping people and rescuing people.”
“Like what?” (Helping sounds too much like setting the table and putting away the laundry) Mom, “Well… Superman does things like… like rescuing people who fall off tall buildings… stuff like that.”

Later, as little superman runs through the living room – turning often to see if his cape is flapping behind him – he looks for a mission. His 5 yr. old sister stages little toy people falling off window sills and tables for Superman to catch. Their idea of Superman? A guy in blue pajamas who flies around looking for falling people to catch, and all the while, making certain that his cape is always flapping behind him in the wind.

Marietta’s Musings

While I cooked lunch, Marietta was washing dishes, and apparently, doing some deep thinking.

“Mom, how do snakes say,’hisssssss’ with their tongues sticking out?”  (Try it – I didn’t have an answer!  Let me know if you do…)

Then, while in a discussion with me about heaven, she wanted to know if I get there first, if I could send her a picture of what heaven and God look like.  I said I wouldn’t mind doing it, however, I said I didn’t think people in heaven can send mail back here.  That didn’t worry Marietta, she said that if I just dropped it, it would probably land right on our back porch, and she could just go out and get it.  🙂

(and Marietta)