Conversation With Senare

“We are about to stand up with you and have our picture taken by the white man”, he said. Senare, a man in his early 50’s spoke these words two days ago. Only, he wasn’t speaking to another person, he was speaking to a wild taro plant.

Later, back in the clan house he explained, “You see, this plant is a person. I talk to it, and give it food. At night, while I am dreaming he turns into a person and speaks to me in my dreams.”

He went on to explain that the taro plant protects him from enemies, and provides for him. He asked Geoff and I if this practice is correct. Since we are not yet ready to teach the Bible, we gave him this cultural analogy, “We came as a bird to your land, and now we are still sitting on our egg. After I go to America and come back again, we will crack the egg and you will see what is inside and understand.”

Please pray for us and the Mibu people, that God would give us wisdom as we prepare to teach the Bible. If we jump ahead of what we are able to communicate, we will confuse the matter and lessen their desire to hear what we have to say later. Pray that their hearts would be prepared for hearing the truth. Thank you!!


Trip to Dagabe

Last weekend Geoff and I took a trip to a nearby hamlet.  We were the guests of honor, and they wanted us to feel special.

Hope you enjoy the picture of Geoff.  Be sure to write and tell him how pretty he looks.



We received a letter today from a man visiting from a nearby language group.  The letter is translated from Pidgin to English below:

Dear Sir,
The Ndo language group needs a missionary.  We were happy to come and speak with you.  We asked you if you could send a missionary to come to us, however, one hasn’t come.  We are still waiting.
Thank you,
Luke Ketenu

“I tell you, open your eyes and look at the fields!  They are ripe for harvest.” – Jesus Christ