Prayer Request

My heart is so heavy as I write you. Another small child died last night. They will bury her tonight.
We have been working nonstop as a team with two visiting literacy consultants getting our whole literacy program laid out and ready to teach. We have been eating, sleeping and breathing literacy materials, and we are into our third day now. Three days, and this will be the second funeral. Oyoma (oy-oh-ma) was the young father of a little girl and a newborn… a newborn who will never know him.
We shared during furlough that seeing our friends or their children die is the hardest part for us living here. Since furlough, with Bible teaching on the not-so-distant horizon, the deaths have been increasing at a rate we cannot help but notice. It tears us apart… but pray not for us, pray for the Mibu people – so very close to hearing the gospel for the first time in their own language… but what can that do for all those buried in the Mibu cemetery? Please pray! Pray that these two hundred something people left would be allowed to hold on to life – to hear what Jesus suffered on their behalf – and that they would make the decision to trust in Him for their lives and beyond.
Thank you for sharing this burden with us.