Bible Teaching Preparations

I can hardly contain my excitement…. David is getting it!!! David has been helping me as I write the Mibu Bible lessons to make sure that what I say is understandable. In a way, David is getting the Bible teaching before anyone else while we go over all the lessons together. He is wonderful at supplying just the right word or phrase to make what I am trying to say come to life in their language. Of course, I check to be sure that what he is supplying is accurate, but his imput makes a world of difference in the quality of the lessons. Also, gauging his reactions to what I am saying gives me a good idea of whether or not what I am explaining is getting through.

We have been talking up to this point about Adam’s sin, and the consequences it has for us. The fact that we are guilty because our ancestor Adam sinned is picturesquely captured in the Mibu phrase “Nyin be Adamdu barupin”. This means “we are the extension of Adam”. The Mibus make pig fences out of bamboo. In order to make the fence longer than the length of one piece of bamboo, they shove one piece of bamboo into another. That connection is called a “barupi”. In the same way that the one piece extends the fence, so we are an extension of Adam.

The fact that we are Adam’s “barupi” is made obvious by the fact that, just like him, we sin. Mibu people are very quick to admit that they as a people are sinful. They are quick to say “we commit adultery, we steal and eat, and we talk behind our friend’s backs.” But the admission of personal sin does not come so quickly. When faced with the fact that God remembers everything each and every person does, David concluded “There is not another path for me, I am going to the lake of fire. And I am scared.” He said, “When I die, God will have a paper with my name on it. He will ask me ‘Whose name is that?’. I will tell him that it is my name. He will ask me ‘Did you really do all these things?’ I won’t be able to tell him anything but ‘Yes.’ He will tell me that the price for disobedience is that I must go to the Lake of Fire”.

Today, David was still pretty distraught that God sees absolutely everything we do, and that we will one day answer for every action. He wondered if, when he is being good, does God see that, too, and is He is writing that down too?

We happened to be sitting on the ground in the shadow of a hut. I said, “See how we are in the shadow of this hut? God can’t see us, can He? Just as the sun isn’t shining here, so God can’t see us, right?”

David answered, “No, God sees everything. Even deep in the woods or at night, He sees us”.

His insight was music to my heart. I replied, “Yes, God is writing down the good things that we do as well. But even if our ‘goods’ outweigh our ‘bads’, we still will go to the Lake of Fire. After all, how many sins did it take for Adam to be separated from God?”

“Just one,” he answered.

“Yes, no matter how good we are, the punishment for even one sin is to go to the Lake of Fire”.

I ended by saying that, though this is heavy news, we have indeed come to share good news. We are now up to Lesson 12 – which bring us to Genesis 3:15. This is exciting, because it’s the first time God reveals to man that He will send a Savior into the world.

Its truly a joy to see the Word of God impacting David’s heart. The holiness of God demands absolute perfection or else death. This same man who told me “There’s no two ways about it, I am going to the Lake of Fire when I die,” believed just a short time ago that righteousness could be bought with cash. The Word of God is powerful! We are so excited to be a part of this incredible time in Mibu history. We can hardly wait to have the lessons written, and be ready to share this life-changing message with the rest of our friends here in Mibu.

T minus 49 days. 🙂