Mootriye’s Song

Happy Easter from Mibuland!

The Mibu believers are now about 6 weeks old. Its such a joy to see them at peace in their new found God. Some have composed songs and are teaching them to the rest of the church. I am attaching one that Mootriye wrote. Here are the words in Mibu. Below that are the words to his song translated into English:

“Bamnyu Pangundu garuk garuk uminyin nyinde tungak tapap turevun mukunyi pogo.
Udu nyindu ukwin tangak tugu dugi dugunyi mirugut.
Tuvun nyindu une akngu sinyu narugamung.”

“God sent us our savior for our benefit.
He sent him down to the earth.
He took our sins, and hung them up on the cross.
And we are happy about that.”

God is being praised in Mibuland!

As iron sharpens iron

We are the only missionaries in Mibu for a few weeks… but this time, not the only Christians!! 🙂

The Husa and Walker families are at the New Tribes Mission base in Goroka attending a two week seminar on Bible translation. For the seminar, they needed to bring two of the Mibu guys (native Mibu speakers) with them. The two men, Keteng and Sesi, are staying at the little national guesthouse at the base. One of the other missionaries on the base passed along the following report to us.

“So very excited about the things the Lord has and is doing in Mibuland. Iteve, a very mature and humble teacher from Yagaria (another tribe) spent the night at the guesthouse here at Lapilo last night. Two of our brothers from Mibu were there. They all told me what a tremendous time they had had staying up till almost midnight talking about the things of the Lord. God’s church… What can I say?”

What an encouragement to us, other tribal believers from other areas encouraging two of the new Mibu believers! Part of the translation workshop, also, included a session for the tribal helpers that gave the history of the Bible. What a great opportunity for these two men from the new Mibu church!

The work is not finished. In many ways, it has just begun!

For His Glory,