I poked my head in at Benny’s hut the other day and found him home and wanting to chat.  We weren’t talking long when he told me that he wants to be baptized.  Many of the Mibus were baptized awhile back, but Benny is the Mibus’ representative to the government and so is often away, like when the first wave of baptisms happened here.  When I asked Benny if he would share with me why he wanted to be baptized, I was truly blessed to hear this testimony from him.

Benny told me how he used to wonder about how he would get to heaven.  He said, “I knew I was sinful, and I often went against what I knew to be right.  I tried to earn favor with God by giving money and even by sacrificing pigs.  I learned that Jesus died for us and rose again, and in His doing that, God forgives us.  I still sin, but in spite of that, God looks at me as righteous because He does not look at me or my sins, but He looks at Jesus and calls me righteous for what He sees in Jesus.  I want to do what is commanded and be baptized.  That’s all.”  I didn’t even try to keep the grin off my face.  What a joy to call Benny a brother.

Thank you for your prayers.  God hears!

For His Glory!