T Minus 23 Hours, 21 Minutes

So I could take the day off for Brooke’s birthday last Tuesday, I pushed our regular Tuesday Teachers meeting back to Monday. We had a great time sitting around discussing the final plans for the outreach that will be starting tomorrow in the Mina village of Yongem. Some of the guys going on the outreach asked me if I had any last minute advice for them. I was about to say something profound like, “Just be sure to follow the lesson plan,” but before I could open my trap, several of the other teachers started an on-target barrage of encouragement. Among other insightful comments, I heard:

“You guys have been training for many months, now do the work that you’ve been training to do.”

“You guys aren’t young children that you need us to lay down the rules, the Holy Spirit will guide you.”

And this as I just sit back and listen with a silly grin on my face.  It is awesome to see how the church has been gearing up for this. Even though only a team of 7 men will be doing the actual teaching, the church has been a tremendous support and encouragement. Last Friday, after the teaching, we had a send off for the guys. Then on Saturday, the 7, along with some others from the Mibu church, made the hike down to Yongem. We’ll be down there all day Sunday, and then the teaching will start on Monday morning. Please pray that Word of God impacts them so that the people of Yongem never forget the day that God’s word made entrance into their hearts and lives.