Merry Christmas

This week the Bible teachers in Mibu are taking their first try at writing their own Bible lessons. Yesterday, ten guys sat around in the office with me thinking, writing, and joking as they began to put their thoughts onto paper. I reviewed with them some of the basics of Bible lessons writing, just as I had learned them. Speak naturally, write out word for word what you want to say, check the material with someone else, etc. These lessons will be taught at their Christmas service. The material is very familiar, but having to use their own notes will help to develop their lesson writing skills even further. Our job isn’t over yet here in Mibu, but with each new skill that they develop and master, I see the need for me becoming less and less.

I was blessed reading the following excerpt from one of the lessons they wrote about Jesus coming to earth.

“Why couldn’t people understand the essence of God’s being? Because He is an invisible spirit being. Therefore, so that people would understand who God is, He took on the attribute of having a body and was born.”

I don’t usually picture theologians in tattered clothes and dingy baseball caps, dirt from garden work or blisters from pig-fence mending still on their hands… and maybe you don’t, either. Then again, no one expected the King of Kings to arrive as an infant, did they? 🙂

May God continue to delight us all with His creative genius. Merry Christmas from Mibu, Madang, Papua New Guinea.