Tartaglia Family Update

Some big changes for our family! We praise God that He has been with us every step of the way as we packed up and left Mibu for this year of “home assignment”. Goodbyes are never easy, and we have had our share! But we are so encouraged, and feel His grace new every morning as we readjust to living in Arizona and in the US in general. We are so thankful that Shiloh, Marietta, and Solomon are all adjusting SO well to the change in, well, in everything! Different pace, climate, house, food, pets, friends, transportation, activities, lifestyle, etc.

Monday was their first day at a Christian School here in the area. We are so thankful that it worked out for all three to attend, AND that the tuition was covered by so many generous friends and family members!! I don’t know that there have ever been 7th, 6th, or 4th graders more excited to start school than our three kids have been… And to be in classrooms filled with other children! Wow! Between that, grandparents nearby, and ice cream in the freezer, they are feeling pretty blissful. And of course, their enthusiasm amidst the changes does a lot for our hearts. 🙂

We have just begun making arrangements to speak in Sunday School classes and other groups. Not only is it a privilege to share all that God has been doing in Mibu these last years, but it is so good for us to step out of the situation and have time to process all we have been through. Sharing God’s faithfulness through it all renews us and energizes us to get us ready to jump back in to life and ministry in Mibu next year.

Thank you to all of you who have prayed for us, or allowed us to pour out our hearts as we process through our experiences, or who have given us a shoulder to drip on as we see our precious children leaving for school now each day. (OK, it’s only Brooke that’s been dripping… but any of you moms who have sent a child off to school for the first time understand!) Thank you so much to everyone across the world who has lifted our family up in prayer. We are grateful, and we feel it!

For His Glory (here, there, or anywhere!),
Joey and Brooke Tartaglia