Here’s What’s Going on in Mibu…

We’re several weeks into our restudy of Romans now… and it never ceases to amaze me how a deeper look into the same book can be so thought provoking! We don’t have a whole lot of translated scripture to work with yet, but I am convinced this is just what we are needing to be studying right now. And not just studied, but mastered! There is such a hunger in this 3 year old church for solid, hands-on teaching.

We have been working on practical ways to master this piece of God’s word, as well as how each concept affects our lives, our outlook, the way we relate to others, how we order our lives, and how it directs our thoughts. One of the exciting things we have decided to work on as a church is memorizing. The last several weeks, we have been printing and handing out a paragraph at a time, and are working our way through the first chapter of Romans, by memory! What a revolution! As a body, filling our minds with His word… And I just love the way that they say “memorize” in the Mibu language. It translates, “We read the Bible without looking at a book, but we read it from our heart.”

When a visiting Bible teacher from an outreached village heard the idea, he immediately tied it right back to one of the reasons we should master the books of Romans. His eyes lit up as he reflected, “Because there is a spiritual war going on, we need to feed our minds with the word of God, so that the Holy Spirit will have the victory over the sin nature in the battlefield of our minds.” Bapake, you hit it right on the spot. I am never so challenged as when I try to teach others…

In the battle for hearts and minds,
Mibu, Papua New Guinea