Cass Visiting!

We are so excited to have Cassidy come for a nice, long visit! It is so much fun to show her around, and have time to catch up with each other face to face. In her suitcases she brought us girls new rain boots (see picture) to replace our ripped ones (yes, we actually have enough rain to wear out our rain boots! Crazy!!) She also blessed us by bringing some sweet notes and surprises from some good friends at home, as well as things my mom has been collecting for us. Cass actually declared “shoes” on her customs form, because she was concerned that they would think she was starting a small store between the rain boots and shoes that the kids needed with their growing feet!
We are thanking God for this time with Cassidy, and are looking forward to showing her the school base when we bring the kids up for a few days’ visit, and then – last but not least – a good long visit into the tribe! We have a lot to finish up before going back in, but we are also looking forward to seeing how the church is doing with this bit of time on their own. We are trusting God to use it to help solidify their dependence on Him, and not on us mere missionaries!