Home Again!

Hello!! For those of you who have wondered if we dropped off the map, it only feels like we did! In what felt like a whirlwind (compared to our usually longer terms overseas), we have landed here in Arizona again for the school year. As with most decisions, many factors went into being back here right now. One is that we have found that we need to spend longer times out of the village to allow the Mibu Christians some latitude and practice in leading the church. It has also been a good chance for us to allow Shiloh to attend high school with other students, after a particularly lonely year last year in our isolated village. Solomon was also excited for the chance to be back at school, and is busy with 6th grade life. Marietta (AKA Emmie) preferred to homeschool and have more time at home and to pursue other interests, and we are enjoying spending lots of one-on-one time with our middle child.

We do ask you to be in prayer for us as we look at phasing out of the work in Mibu over the next few years, and exactly what that will look like for our family. It is looking like it could involve more back-and-forth and traveling, which may be the best answer for our family and ministry. Mostly, we just want to be pawns in the Lord’s hands, and allow Him to lead. We desire to finish the church planting work in Mibu well, as well as lead our family and take care of our children’s needs and education.

While we are home, we continue to work on Bible lessons for the Mibu churches. We have also been working on launching a new organization that will train church planting teams from here in the East Valley to head over to strategic unreached locations among the many unreached tribal groups in the Finisterre Mountains of PNG. We are very excited about this, and will be communicating more about it in the weeks to come.

So, lots of big changes in the works for us – but still the same desires – to assist the Mibu church, parent our children and shepherd our family, and have an active role in the spread of the gospel in the Finisterre mountains of PNG. Please continue to keep us in your prayers as we work through the transitions and make decisions. May God be glorified through it all!

We apologize for taking too long in keeping you all in the loop! We are still at this email address, and would love to hear from you!
Thank you so much for your love and prayers!!