Exciting News!!!

Though it was 6 years ago, I’ll never forget the time when the people of Yoke Village sent a delegation to us in Mibu. They wore body paint, traditional bark loincloths and grass skirts, and carried a bark banner. Their message? “We are still waiting for you to send us a missionary.” What word can I use to describe the feeling of having a wide open door to preach the Gospel, but not having anyone to send? We experienced this not one, but many times in the past decade.

We are so excited to announce that Finisterre Vision has recently become incorporated!! This is the first step of many as we seek to setup the structure that will allow us to recruit, train, and send 15 more teams to the Gospel destitute areas in New Guinea. Please pray with us that men and women would be challenged to this vision of preaching the Gospel to people in a faraway land that have not yet heard. We are eager to begin working with and training teams for this task. If you know any young people interested in missions, we’d sure love to talk with them about this area of Papua New Guinea.

In the meantime, we are continuing to work on Bible lessons for the Mibu church, and planning and preparing for our summer there. We have been challenged by Paul’s example to keep in contact with the Mibu believers by writing with them! And unlike in Paul’s time, technology has made it possible for to even have a few chats on the phone!

Your support is vital! Our family is incredibly thankful for how you have made it possible for us to plant a church in Mibu. As our ministry moves into a itinerant role, with us taking on the responsibility of training new missionaries while we continue to visit the Mibu church, we are dependent on financial supporters to make it possible.

Thank you for your prayers for the Mibu church, and now also for the training of other teams to reach farther into the jungle with the Good News!