3 Week Countdown….

Just three weeks until our departure date to spend the summer continuing ministry in Mibu, PNG!! In some ways, it is familiar – suitcases and duffel bags, weighing up, planning and preparing, thinking for several months at a time. In other ways, this trip feels different than ever before. We are going for just the summer break, while the kids are out of school. We plan to return a little before school starts again, with both the girls in high school and Solomon in jr. high. Thanks to donations towards the trip, as well as four garage sales, we have been able to raise $9,970 towards the travel costs! Just a few thousand short of the actual costs, we decided to go ahead last week with the ticket purchase, in hopes that the rest will continue to come in.

So, besides being the first time our entire family has gone to PNG for a shorter trip, this will also be the first time we are heading to PNG under our new organization, “Finisterre Vision”. After 15 years with New Tribes Mission, we have resigned and have started another organization locally in Arizona, whose focus will be very similar to New Tribes, but much smaller and more specific. After we return in the fall, we will resume training people from the Phoenix area to go specifically to the same mountain range where Mibu is located, and where many other groups have yet to hear the gospel of Jesus Christ. During the school year, we will train and send missionaries to the Finisterre mountains in PNG. During the summers, we plan to work in Mibu, continuing to teach and disciple and mentor the churches there, where our co-workers are still translating the Bible.

We would appreciate your prayers for our trip, that the Mibu language would come back quickly, that our kids would find creative ways to be involved, that we would bless our co-workers this summer, and most of all, that God would use us to strengthen the Mibu and outlying churches.

Lots of changes, lots of work to be done!!
For the love of Christ,

PS Thank you SO MUCH to those who contributed items to the garage sales, and funds through ACSTO for the kids’ school this year!! With the four garage sales, we raised an astounding total of $2,400 towards our tickets!!!!! We are awed! And donations made for Shiloh and Solomon to be in school this year covered all but $2,000 of their tuition for the whole year!!! Thank you to everyone who contributed to meeting our needs this year. God is using you to meet our needs and allow us to continue in service to Him and to the churches in PNG.