Inspiration from those who have gone before us

“How many tribes are yet to be reached in the country where you work? Are those tribes your goal, or is your goal to reach just the tribe with which you are working? I think our goals are often too narrow. We go to reach a tribe but what about all the other tribes right around us? You probably are thinking, “Ron, I’ve got to reach this one first before I go on to the others.” True but you need to know where you are going and how your work with this particular tribe will help reach the other tribes. The Semandang are now planting churches in two other language groups. This did not just happen by accident. The Semandang were exposed to these principles from the Word of God, and that teaching exposure began “Day One”. How important it is to set your objectives at the beginning of your work!”

-Ron Risse

Statements like this one were the seeds which have recently germinated into what we are calling “Finisterre Vision”.  I have been re-reading this book from when were training to go to New Guinea called “Discipleship Within the Context of the Local Church” by Ron Risse, who worked among the Semandang people in Indonesia. So cool to re-visit the books that helped shape our thinking in Mibu and beyond.