A call for church planters to consider Papua New Guinea

My son was recently asking the same question I struggled with for years. How can there be people left who STILL don’t know the Gospel? My Pastor used to say, “There are two reasons why there are places in the world the Gospel has not yet gone. They are either Resistant or they are Remote.

I love it that Papua New Guinea is a country that is dedicated to religious freedom. The challenge in reaching Papua New Guinea is not the resistance of the people to outsiders, but the difficulties that come with reaching out to a remote area.

We are looking for people willing to be church planters to assist the Mibu church in their efforts to see the Gospel spread to the 100 unreached peoples within a 70 mile radius of Mibu. A leader in the church said… “Please, there are many people in need of God’s Word. But, we don’t have anyone to help us in our efforts to bring the Gospel to all the languages right here. Please, we urgently need church planters and translators in the Finisterre Mountains! How sad would that be if these people grow old and die without ever hearing the Gospel, especially with the way here being so open!”

Rural Papua New Guinea is an amazing place to work, even for families with young children. Who do you know that could help us? Would you pass this on? Finisterre Vision provides start to finish training for church planting teams. This training is free of charge and is designed to build upon the theological and biblical foundations already in place. We would love to meet to discuss the needs, goals, and openings in this seeking area of the world.

For the glory of God, for the Vision of the Mibu Church, for the Only Hope of Humankind!