A Call To Pastors

Thank you! Thank you to those whose job it is to build up and strengthen God’s church! We do not thank you enough, but your job is vital, and we are blessed by you. Having worked in New Guinea where the churches are few and the need is great, I am convinced that focus is the tool we need to continue spreading the gospel to new areas, and establishing the body of Christ where it does not yet exist. Our job is not yet done! Would you consider focusing your missions efforts on church planting in an area of the world that even after 2000 years, remains Gospel destitute? Your church can make a difference in eternity for a whole group of people that has, up to this point remained untouched by the Gospel.

We need prayer warriors, for this job will come to nothing based on human effort alone. We need laborers  people willing to spend their lives on something more lasting. We need funds, for the families going, and for the task of getting to these isolated and remote areas. We need churches willing to get behind the ones who are blessed to go.

We offer to pray alongside you, and pass on requests and needs. We offer comprehensive training for planting sustainable churches and giving them the Word of God. We offer logistical support. We offer ourselves in any way we can give to see this job accomplished for the glory of God.

May God bless you and your churches until the blessings overflow onto those around you!

Back home from Mibu

Coming home, I think that this has been one of those months that is challenging to sum up in an email! I think parts of my trip to Mibu will probably just continue to leak out here and there as I process and remember all that God has done in me, through me, and before my eyes. He is so worthy of praise!! Visiting in shorter spurts really opens my eyes to the growth that continues to take place in the Mibu and Mina churches. Thank you for praying for me, and for my family while I was away from them. Thank you also for praying for this remote area of the globe, where the gospel is still so new!

One of the highlights of my trip included hearing the updates from the leaders of the church plants that have come out of the Mibu church. The village of Tariknan, which has struggled with ups and downs since the beginning, is seeing true life change in areas of gambling, stealing, and immorality. My heart thrills at hearing what the Word of God is doing in hearts, and knowing that the other unreached villages to the east of them are seeing this, too! In fact, one of those villages in the next language group over is now asking for the gospel to come to their people as well.

In Dagave they struggle with baptism, hearing conflicting views from different groups. I really don’t know why my friend and church leader, Keteng, decided to be baptized while he was in Dagave. However, my heart rejoices that God used it to motivate many others in Dagave to follow his lead!

As expected, not every area is moving ahead smoothly. These churches continue to need prayer, teaching, and discipleship. These young churches are on the forefront of enemy territory, spiritually. They struggle with desires to return to old thinking, with remembering those who are outside their daily interactions, and keeping zeal at times for moving ahead. (Sound like us??) We thank God for them, and pray for their continued growth, and the spread of the gospel in their mountain range.

May God continue to build His church!!