5.9 @25

We’re pretty used to little earthquakes by now, some weeks we’ll have two or three within the week! Sometimes we just feel a sharp jolt or two, sometimes the house just gently rocks back and forth a bit. Sometimes we all feel them, some just a few us even notice. But not the one on Saturday!! Joey was at the Husas finishing up a game with the Husas and our visiting translation consultant, Linda. I (Brooke) had just brought the kids home to put them to bed. The house started shaking and rolling, and this time, it just didn’t stop! Instead of dying away, it got stronger! Solomon and I were upstairs, and when we started hearing things falling off the shelves we huddled down in a sheltered spot. We know stairways are one of the most dangerous spots in a house, so we didn’t try to go down. Shiloh and Marietta were on the back porch locking a bunny into it’s cage, and they ran out of the house to our meeting spot in the yard. At the Husas they grabbed Skyler and all evacuated too.

It did finally stop, and everybody was ok. Only 5 or 6 things actually fell, and nothing even broke. It sure succeeded in shaking us up a bit, though! 🙂 No way the kids wanted to climb into bed and go to sleep after that, so we read for a while till everyone’s heart rate went back down and they got sleepy again. When Linda left on Monday, she looked up online to find the information regarding the earthquake, and sent us this info. It was a 5.9 (we’ve had worse around here) but the epicenter of the earthquake was only about 25 miles away!.

Shooken up,
Joey and Brooke etc.