A Changed Viewpoint

I sat down in Benny’s hut and waited for my eyes to adjust to the dim interior.  He was just recovering from a serious bout of pneumonia, and I was thrilled to see that he finally looked like he was on the mend.  Even though his breathing was still somewhat labored, his eyes shone and twinkled.

Benny began to reminisce about his old beliefs, which he has discarded for a biblical worldview.  He talked about how, before, everyone he knew believed that all sickness and death was caused by sorcery.  (Germs are a new concept here.)  He believed that anyone who was mad at him could capture part of his spirit and work sorcery on it.  They would use a piece of his leftover food, or fingernail clippings, or even simply catch his reflection in the blade of a knife.  He believed that people could steal his spirit, then work sorcery on his captured spirit and cause him to get sick and die.

He went on to say that in the Bible teaching he learned that man has only one spirit and that at the instant it separates from the body, the body dies.  So it is impossible for anyone to steal his spirit.  He mentioned that even after trusting Christ he still was confused on this issue and would pray to Jesus for protection from the sorcery.  He said that he sees this kind of prayer, even though it was to Jesus, was a form of worshipping Satan.

He explained, “God and God alone holds life and death in his hand, and Satan tricked us people into believing false things about the nature of our spirits.  Satan’s first sin was to try to take God’s place, and his ways have not changed.  He still distorts things so that we will fear him and not God.”  Benny’s grasp on these truths made my heart sing.  What a testimony to the power of the word of God!  He can change centuries upon centuries of false beliefs!

What a blessing to see God’s word in action, and the transformation that is slowly taking place in the hearts and minds of the Mibu people.  God’s word really is making a difference in the way they live their lives!!!

For His Glory in Mibu!