April in Mibu

We’re back from town, and Praise the Lord, we were able to find what we needed to build the Language Learning Center this summer!  Most of it is here in Mibu now and awaiting the team from Bethany to come build it!  We were also able to get a gas hot water heater in town, and now we can take hot showers right in our own house here.  No more boiling bath water on the stove!  Yippee!

Tomorrow we are having a “house opening” ceremony for our hut in the village.  The house we live in most of the time is a good hike away from the village, which is just like the people here.  They live scattered around the mountain in their pig houses or garden houses, not in the main village.  However, because the govt. requires it, everyone has a house in the village. The govt. wants to make sure that they can keep track of everybody!  People tend to spend just the weekends living in their village houses, which makes weekends a good time for us to be in the village, too.  Lots of exposure to language!  So we asked them to build us a hut in the village, which they just finished.  Our hut is just like their huts, and it will be a new experience for us!  Cooking in a pot over a fire, sleeping around a fire pit, and mostly, spending a lot of time with people.

The guys just took language check 1… and passed!!  On to check 2 (of 4)!  Brooke and Angie are shooting  for check 1 in June.  Please pray for us… most days, the challenge of language learning seems never-ending… Pray also that we would keep in focus why we are here.

Thank you!!
Please keep in touch!

P.S. Here’s a few interesting facts about the Mibu people we are living amongst that you probably didn’t know…

1.  About 40% of the people here know how to read and write the trade language called Melanesian Pidgin, but not a single one can read and write their own heart language.

2.  Mibu children’s parents do not have as much authority over them as does their “mamam”.  What is a “mamam”?  A mamam is one’s mother’s brother, or in English, we would say “uncle”.  Want to go hunting?  “Go ask your Mamam”!

3.  House For Sale.  1 room, 2 bath.  If their were newspapers here, a Mibu could advertise his house as such.  Most houses have only 1 or 2 rooms, and they all have 2 outhouses.  One little girls room, and one little boys room about a 50 ft. walk from their houses.