Arrival in PNG


Yes, we have made it safely to our new home here in Madang, PNG. We have settled in, and we are loving it.

First impressions of New Guinea:

Everybody smells. But, I have to say that the people are very friendly, and always willing to chat. A lot of people speak English here in town, but we had to warm up to their accent before we could catch more than 50% of what they were saying.

What lies ahead:

On Monday, the 10th, orientation will officially begin for us. We expect to spend 6-8 months here in Madang before moving into a tribe.

Culture Shock?:

At this point, we are more intrigued with PNG culture than in shock over it. So much about this place seems so wierd, uhhh, I mean, different. Yet, we are more fascinated by the differences than we are traumatized by them.

And finally…

There is a family next door that seems to have about 5 adults and 6 or 7 children. (There is even a two year old boy named Solomon!!) One woman, Clara, has offered to teach us Pidgin anytime we want to come over and chat. What a blessing!!! Please pray for our relationships here as we begin to build them with the nationals. Pray for the makings of good friends who are not too offended before we even start 🙂

Love to you all,