Australian Greetings

If you want to have a really unusual experience, just try this. Enjoy a nice hot 110 degree Phoenix day in August (outside). Get on a plane and fly to Australia where it is 50 degrees and raining. Hang out for a day. It’s chilly. For the real kicker, get on another plane and land in Papua New Guinea where it is 90 degrees with about 110% humidity. Now if that isn’t shocking enough, add three kids, about 18 straight hours of night time, a 16 hour time change, and a customs check on your packet of flower seeds. Anybody know what day it is??

The good news is that, amazingly enough, we are all doing great. What a testimony of God’s goodness and mercy!!! Thanks for praying, just remember, it ain’t over yet!! Love you all!!

The Tartaglias
Joey, Brooke, Shiloh, Marietta, and Solomon

P.S. We are still in the 50 degree raining stage (Australia) 🙂 We are being shown the harbor (the one where the Sydney Opera House resides!) this morning on a long-cut to the airport. We should be in Madang, PNG by 8:30 tonight (Friday, 3:30 AM, Phoenix time). It may be a few days before we will have E-Mail set up again. Will let you know. G’Day, Mate!