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T Minus 3 Days

This is just a correction to yesterday’s update. We said that we are leaving on United Airlines from terminal 4, however we are really leaving on United Airlines from terminal 2. We tried to convince United to switch over to terminal 4, so we wouldn’t have to sheepishly write this email to correct our mistake, […]

T Minus 4 Days

We leave from the Phoenix Airport on Tuesday, August 28th at about 8:30 pm. We are leaving on Untied Airlines (which is in Terminal 4) Flight #2369. Please feel free to join us at the airport for a nice big send off! Love in Christ, J&B sms

34 Days to Go

Guess what? The bad news is we’re several thousand dollars poorer. The good news is we have our plane tickets!!!! On August 29th, we will be leaving Phoenix for Madang, Papua New Guinea. So, why are we going over there? Not because we hate living in a city that has the 33rd most prosperous economy […]

Three More Months

Things are moving so fast for us, I can hardly keep up. Just a few weeks ago, we finished up a 5 year training program. We are now looking at leaving for Papua New Guinea in less than 3 months!!!! Just a couple days ago, I was looking at some pictures of Papua New Guinea, […]