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Is It Time?

Moofore’s house and garden is one of my favorites in the whole area. His steep yard drops away on three sides, showcasing a wild panorama of the surrounding mountains and valley rivers. It is still the only place I’ve been where both the village of Mibu and the village of Beng can be looked down […]


Saturday was our weekly ladies’ meeting, then Sunday was the second lesson in 1 Corinthians. We’ve stayed happily busy  meeting with different believers one-on-one, having lots of dinners together with our co-workers, having little Skyler and Maddie over to play (and give their parents a break), packing what we’ll bring home from our house here, […]

The Big Day!

This is it! In just an hour, our little MAF Cessna will carry us, then our food and luggage, to the nearest airstrip to Mibu. My stomach is churning… excited to begin seeing Mibu friends that we left 9 months ago, anticipating first hand reports of the life of the churches, and hearing of new […]

Traveling Mercies…

Thank you for prayers for safe travel! We have never had such a smooth across-the-world trip! Though we are all a little dazed and foggy in the brain from all the airplanes and airports and time zone changes, we are so happy to be back in Papua New Guinea! And with every family member and […]