Cassidy Cann

Cassidy Cann

Missionary sent out by Grace Bible Church

With the heat, the sunshine, and the lack of decorations (on our house or anyone’s house), it is hard to remember that Christmas is coming. If any of you have visited the Hantlas’ home, where we lived prior to moving to PNG, you know that we are used to lots of decoration awesome-ness. Here, there are barely any reminders that it is only six days until Christmas, except that huge dancing Santa figurine at the plastics store. My kids could not take their eyes off him. Probably out of fear.

With an idea from the Roberts, we decided to draw our own Christmas tree – complete with ornaments from town, tinsel, and pictures of our family. We also, being American, made a paper chain to count down the days!

And, because pictures are a great way to see our lives, here are a couple pictures from the children’s bible study that one of the SIL national workers, Scholar, does on Wednesday night:


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