Birth of a New Church

The day of the beginning of the Mibu church is here!!  Join us in praising our awesome God for the following people who have each professed a clear testimony of their faith in Jesus Christ:

Men: Royfo, Sesi, Kivisi, Samuel, Dopeke, Navang, Tima, Benny, Gero, Hone, Keteng, Semi, and Jepiri
Women: Rao(Devit’s wife), Yoonare, Eson, Nimoke, Joonoomeng, Watikiyo

Royfo:  “Thank you for telling me this!  Jesus died in my place.  Now I know I am going to heaven.”

Sesi:  (While still an unbeliever) Upon hearing about David’s conversion said, “I’m so happy for him.  Soon I will understand and believe too”.  Two days later, he gave a clear testimony of his own salvation.

Kivisi:  “Now I understand.  It is finished.  What is there to say!!”

Tima:  “Just as people in the Old Testament offered animal sacrifices thinking, ‘These animals are dying in my place’, so I look to Jesus who died in my place.”

Samuel:  “Thank you for bringing this talk.  May God bless you for bringing this talk.”

There are also many others who are so very close to really understanding how it was that Jesus’ death bought their forgiveness.  We are overjoyed to tears at each new testimony shared with us, and expectantly watching many of the others on whom light is beginning to dawn.  God’s Word is so very powerful!!

For His Eternal Glory,
Mibu Tribe, Madang, PNG