Sometimes I forget how different my life looks than the average American’s, and sometimes I forget how little our family and friends know about the kinds of things that fill my day. So here is a peak into today:

1. I woke up to an alarm at 5:30, read God’s word while drinking orange juice, and then exercised.

2. At 8:30 I set out yoga mats for “blanket time” for the boys (they were just finished with breakfast with Dad). This is what they do during my one hour language time. But then my language helper, Fororens, didn’t show up so we switched gears to homeschool.

3. Before we started, a man from the village came to ask if we could type something on our computers to print for him. I helped him while the boys played.

4. Back to homeschool – Part way through homeschool I left Jude working on something while I hung LOTS of clothing on the laundry line. (It has been rainy so laundry was backed up.)

5. Homeschool finished at 11 and we left our home to hike to the waterfall and meet with a couple people there. During our time, Jude had to go potty (#2!) so instead of hiking twenty mins back, we asked a friend to use their outhouse.

6. Back to the waterfall – helped some young ladies wash their sweet potatoes in the water and tried to speak Ndo some more. Jude and Oliver played and Jude said he wants to learn to swim when we are back in America.

7. My friends gave me six of their sweet potatoes so my load back was heavier and we were all ready for lunch and starting to get grumpy. As we entered the village again, I saw Fororens at her parents hut and she explained that she hadn’t come that morning because she was giving her parents a pig today and had to go and tie the pig up. (The pig was there, tied to a stick with bush rope and still alive.) The pig was part of her bride price. Each time she has another baby, she and her husband give more pigs to her parents and brothers as part of their “thank you”.

8. Fororens told us to come and watch them kill the pig so we went home quickly to take the laundry off the line (it was beginning to rain) and then within ten mins she sent a child to tell us to come and watch. Back we went and watched them kill the pig by tying its nose and mouth shut.

9. We went home and had leftover soup for lunch (at 1:30) and the boys went to play outside after doing their “responsibilities” (sweeping and dishes). I cleaned up from lunch and prepped dough for hamburger buns and then worked on language learning on my computer.

10. We then returned to watch Fororens butcher the pig for her parents. Killing a pig is a big event and lots of meat is shared with the family. Fororens, though, won’t have any of it because it would negate the gift.

11. Back at home (5:15pm), we realized our water wasn’t working. So Zach worked on our water pump during dinner prep and during dinner. I ate with the boys, read them a story, took them to the Dodd’s old house to use the bathroom and wash hands (because remember, no water at ours).

12. Tucked the kids in their beds and cleaned from dinner while Zach finished and ate dinner. (He got the water pump working again after phone tech support from Jeremy Lehman!).

13. Made chocolate chip cookies from frozen dough I made last week and had cookies with Zach. Put away all the laundry from earlier, got ready for bed and wrote this post on my phone.

This is a fairly typical day for me. Homeschool, language learning, home tasks, cultural happenings, parenting… May give a fuller insight into what I mean when I talk about being busy in the bush.

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