Cameron Dodd

Cameron Dodd

sent out by Grace Bible Church to plant churches among the Ndo people

With each new day, more information comes in about what might be going on with Matt. This morning, we learned that Matt’s CT scan yesterday revealed nodules all over his body. It seems that whatever is going on, it is everywhere. The three options on the table at this point are infectious disease, some strange tumors, or lymphoma.

The plan right now is to perform a biopsy on one of the growths in Matt’s brain tomorrow and do some pathology on it to see what kind of tissue it is. From there, we’ll know more about next steps.

Throughout all of this, we are reminded again and again about who God is. In His good and perfect plan and timing, here we sit. But He who has ordained this for us is also our rock, our shield, and our refuge. Never have the words of the Psalms or Scripture in general felt quite so real and applicable. We are thankful that He has given us this trial so that we can know him better and fasten our gaze on Him in a way we haven’t had to before.

Our hope ultimately is not in any diagnosis–brain tumor, cancer, disease. God already knows what it is. What matters is where we look with a diagnosis and without and where we run with good news and with bad. God is so good to us, to be with us every step of this way.

Please pray that the surgery tomorrow would be helpful in finding a diagnosis; pray that whatever it might be, that there might be treatment; and pray that above all, our eyes and our hearts would be set on Him who made us and saved us and knows us and loves us far more than any doctor could or more than we could love each other.

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