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The speedboat we hoped to catch in the early morning left five minutes before we got there, so we waited till noon for the next one. How often are Americans late for something in PNG?! 🙂
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The sea was very calm on our way over. I was even able to get a little sleep!
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The speedboat let us out at Wap, and we waited on the beach for a car to pick us up, and bring us as far inland as the road can take us.
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About an hour later, just as the rain was starting, we found ourselves in the village of Gik [pronounced “Nerd”]
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We spent the night with a very hospitable family. The main cash crop in the area is cocoa, and this family does the processing for several villages. So basically, for a few months each year, everyone brings them chocolate. Good thing we didn’t bring our wives on survey trips, as I’m sure they would have wanted to allocate right there in Gik!!!!
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We were just passing through Gik, as it wasn’t part of the area we were surveying. But nevertheless, they wanted to hear what we were up to. They gave us an invitation to come work there. Thankfully, there is already a man from another village that is working on translating the New Testament into their language. It truly is New Guineans themselves that God has used to make most of the progress that has been made in this country in advancing the reach of His Word. And yet, we still need more teams (14 more) to come finish the Great Commission in every language in the Finisterre Mountains…