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On day 8, we left Maweroro, descending about 850 feet down the mountain to a bamboo bridge. Zach’s enthusiasm for another adventure was fun to see (after we had all safely made it to the other side). Then we slowly but surely made our way up to the mountain all the way to the ridge, 2362 feet up from the river. This put us on a ridge that was about 4,750 feet high. Even though we were still deep in the mountains (12 miles as the crow flies), the rest of the journey would be down the ridge of this mountain, all the way to the coast!!! At this point we were in the clouds, but I’m sure the ocean is visible in the mornings before the clouds roll in.

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We rested in a small village up on the ridge, and then continued on. By mid-afternoon we had made it to the village of Seremore. We intended to just talk briefly with them about what we were doing, and then continue on our way. However, they kept insisting that we stay, so we cut our hike short, got washed up, and settled in.

Zach and Matt told the leaders of the village a little about themselves and the work they are looking to do. Although I didn’t sense as much excitement as other villages, they were very receptive nonetheless. It just so happens that somebody had just passed away in the village and they were busy with all the funeral preparations.

One of my favorite things about Matt and Zach is how in the midst of so many changes of plans, which meant more days away from their families, they were always so loving towards the people. Whether it was telling stories, entertaining the kids, or just listening, they constantly let the love of Jesus flow through them. It was such a privilege to spend a little over a week with them. You can stay up to date with the latest in their ministry by checking out their blogs at http://withoutapreacher.com/blog/ and http://www.cannsofclay.com/blog/.