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We spent 2 days in Yongem. We arrived late on Saturday afternoon, and stayed for church on Sunday. By the time church was over it was already raining, so we stayed with them until Monday morning.

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It made our trip longer to go through Yongem, but by going this way, we got to interact with 3 churches in the Mina language. The churches in the Mina language were founded by believers who heard the Gospel in Mibu. They worked to translate God’s Word into the Mina language and then began to share the good news with their unsaved relatives.

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I loved hearing the Gospel on the lips of the believers there as they talked about the Lord even in just their normal regular every day conversation. It was encouraging to see that they still have a heart to reach the village of Bilong with the Gospel. More on Bilong later, but for now, it is a border village between the Mina language and the nDo language. Mina believers have been blocked by bringing the Gospel there by a few of the village leaders in Bilong.

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It was also helpful for Matt and Zach to hear the Mina believers express their desire to reach the nDo people. The language barrier between nDo and Mina is such that the believers need help if they are to bring the Gospel there. Several Mina believers expressed their desire to help out should Matt and Zach decide to minister in the nDo language.

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If you haven’t already, you’ll love Matt’s and Zach’s blogs. http://withoutapreacher.com/blog/ and http://www.cannsofclay.com/blog/, respectively.

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Please ask God to raise up more families like these two to help bring the Gospel to the people of Papua New Guinea. As we have seen with the Mina people, once a core group of people have been discipled, they can effectively bring the Gospel so much further. Imagine the joy of reaching a village of 200 people, and watching the number of believers double, triple, and quadruple! While New Guineans can bring the Gospel to their own, there is still a huge need for families like Matt’s family and Zach’s family to preach the Gospel in the spiritually dark places in the Finisterre Mountains. Please pray for God to raise up 14 more teams.