Desire for Holiness

Today after teaching, we were invited to a friend’s hut for lunch. Over boiled corn, taro, and greens, he shared some of the things that have been on his heart. Much of it was similar to what others have been sharing with me over the past several weeks we have been back. He expressed that he has such a desire to be more obedient to the things he has been learning from God’s Word. What a joy to hear! At the same time though, he said there is a struggle that is does not come faster. So true for all of us!

These conversations are wonderful evidence of the Holy Spirit at work in the hearts and lives of men and women here. We will all foolishly return to our own folly unless we review the foundational truths of the Word of God. In our conversation today, we talked about the need for reviewing and rehearsing the basic things we have learned to be true.

Please continue to pray for us as we shepherd the growing church, and that as we teach and mentor, we can encourage and admonish the believers to be obedient to what they know.

Thank you!
Mibu, PNG

PS I brought with me today the Mibu-written worship song book we compiled last year. As they were singing, I kept looking for the songs being sung. None of them were in there! Makes it harder to sing along, but the positive side is that they are still writing new worship songs!