Jeremy and Lorie Lehman

Jeremy and Lorie Lehman

Missionaries in training with Grace Bible Church

Passports and visas.  When I first heard that we would need a passport and visa, I assumed they were the same thing, obviously I am not an regular international traveler.  Finisterre Vision was recently formalized as a new organization in PNG.  This was an answer to prayer as we (the organization) has been trying to get this completed for some time.  This formalization now allows us to apply for visas into the country.

Lorie and I have passports but the kids will be getting theirs soon.  I filled out all the documentation and we went to Walmart for some passport photos.  Greer and Belle smiled but Knox got shy (pride) and decided to give the “stone cold” face.  Knox is such a crack up because he can be a silly boy and then immediately switch to the shy one – hopefully the mug shots of the kids help communicate this.

We have been reliant on The Lord for the next steps towards departure.  My last day of employment with First Impression Security Doors is April 11th.  I am thankful to The Lord for my boss.  He has graciously allowed me to continue my employment in the midst of transitioning out of the company.  It has been a challenging job that stretched me in many ways.

Please pray that our visas would go through, that our heart to serve would stay warm, and final funds would be raised so we can head to PNG.