Entire Mibu families trusting in God!!!

Acts 16:34 “…he was filled with joy because he had come to believe in God – he and his whole family”.

I watched in complete amazement yesterday as Mootriye and his entire family each testified to their firm belief that Jesus’ death on the cross satisfied God’s wrath.  With smiles on their faces, one by one they expressed their new found faith with all the joy of one having just learned that they will be spending eternity in heaven with God.

Mootriye’s family is not the first Mibu family to have done this.  On Friday, after the teaching, I sat in a hut and talked with one new believer after another.  When it was all done, and everyone that I had talked to was gathered in a hut, it hit me, virtually the entire Sandip clan has come to believe in God!!!

Thank you so much for your prayers over the last few years.  Many of you have prayed with diligence for individuals, families, and the entire tribe.  God is doing an incredible work here, and it has been such a joy to sit down with dozens upon dozens of newly born Christians in the past couple weeks.  The looks of joy on their faces, and relief, and gratitude!!  What a privilege it is to be here as an eye witness to this extraordinary climax in the history of the Mibu people.

We are thanking God for the spiritual rebirth of the following people:

Women and Girls:  Biop, Nema, Parenuwe, Dage, Mewoone, Ipi, Ngave, Jin, Sotine, Nosoo, Awiyoo, Jawiyee, Manggoowut, Sira, Barayoope, Denggena, Kalen, Wenoo, Uyu, Boni, Gipail, Depe, Mange, Opain, Pangga, Poi, Omartin, Ooneyoo, Papniwap, Sipitnung, Nata, Tema, Koowapiye, Gidion, Toipe, Yaviring, Kumup, Eootene, Ana, Jeritine, Manggwu, Mookansio, Yoote, Kwauk, Wun, Nensi, Damebiung, Luwarane, Ti, Damenggere, Ketoora, Maraoo, and Jepit

Men and Boys:  Bapeke, Samson, Trip, Tomas, Unongjim, Wuri, Sonde, Stiven, Daniel, Orine, Manave, Apioot, Weng, Sooke, Ware, Jemsi, Porenoo, Moses, Stiven, Jowi, Pliel, Bam, Josep, Imanyooel, Manggepe, and Mootriye.

For His Glory,
Mibu, Madang, PNG