Evangelism Review

I wish you could hear some of the great discussions we’ve been having here on Evangelism. For the last several weeks about 15 of us have been meeting to discuss questions like, “Why do we start teaching in the Old Testament, instead of starting in the Gospel of John?”

I was so encouraged by their thoughts…

Posilongge said, “By studying the Old Testament first, we see that one Person made everything. He made us and we are accountable to Him.”

Sesi jumped in and said, “If we didn’t study the Old Testament, we would have wondered if there was another Creator.”

Royfo added to that that we see from how God worked in the Old Testament what kind of Being He is – His judgment, His holiness, His mercy and grace.

Keteng emphasized that we see how God created everything – by His powerful Word – not something we can do.

Benny brought out how everything that God ever said would happen, happened.
It was either fulfilled in the Old Testament, or many things found their fulfillment at the cross of Christ. He also mentioned the Jewish religion and how important it is that we understand things like “what is a priest?”
to understand the New Testament.

Others mentioned that in the Old Testament we learn the makeup of humankind (body, soul, and spirit), the real reasons why we die, and why sorcery isn’t real.

Another said “The Old Testament is what taught us to turn away from thinking that we can manipulate the outcome of things by use of magic and charms.”

So, why the review? When the Gospel first came to Mibu, almost the whole village trusted Christ. But, there were a few that did not. And since then, there have also been people who have moved from the Nankina language group to Mibu village. As these people settled in, some began to cause trouble.

The big question in the church has been, “Do we run these people off as would be our custom? Or do we see it as an opportunity? Perhaps God has sent them here so we can preach the Gospel to them?” And so, 4 men have begun back in Genesis 1:1, gathering and teaching those who have not yet heard or understood. Please join the rest of the Mibu church in praying for these souls to be rescued from eternal separation from their Creator.

For His glory!