Craig and Sara Noyes

Craig and Sara Noyes

sent out by Grace Brethren Church of Irasburg,VT to plant churches in PNG

Thursday, Aug 6, shortly after sunrise Josh Miller and I will be getting in a bush plane to head to our first tribal survey (that’s Aug 5 in the USA).

Once we’re airborne we’ll follow the coast east until we get to a grass airstrip where we’ll stop just long enough to pick up 3 mature national believers who have hiked out of the mountains to join us on this survey. As quick as we can, we’ll be wheels up and headed further east to the bush strip nearest our target group.

After the plane leaves us at that airstrip, we’re expecting to meet a boat crew that will bring us a couple hours back to the west to the tribal group we are going to be visiting for the next 4 days, the Pano people.

During these 4 days, we’ll be showing up unannounced in various villages within the people group. We are going to be explaining, through the trade language, these 5 things that our ministry does;

  1. Learn their language
  2. Create an alphabet and teach them to read and write their own language
  3. Translate the Bible into their language
  4. Teach them God’s word
  5. Help them bring God’s teaching to the rest of their people group and beyond

As we visit the villages and discuss these things with the people we hope to answer the following big questions;

  1. Do they actually want us to come to do this ministry here? How do they understand those 5 things? What else are they expecting from us? Are they willing to do the work of getting and keeping us there; helping us build our houses, providing trees to use, patiently teaching us their language, keeping us safe? We cannot live there unless they invite us and keep us there. It is on them to enable us to come.
  2. Will our families be safe there? Is the traditional society intact enough to provide protection from pirates and others that might want to do us harm, or has the area been affected by the outside to the extent that this is not a safe place for our families?
  3. Is this a group that is isolated from the Gospel because of linguistic and cultural barriers as we think it is, or is this a group that could be effectively reached through the trade language or without families living among them? Does it make sense to do a 10-15 year translation project in this location or is the tribal language dying?
  4. A host of practical and logistical items that won’t affect “if” we come, but “how” we would come.

This is a huge step! Years have gone into getting us this far and we are just days away.

Thankfully we’ll have an experienced missionary with us and 3 mature church leaders from a tribal group we know.

Please pray for these things specifically.

  1. Wisdom and discernment as we try to decide if we should live and work among these people.
  2. Energy and health. I have been super drained last week and very tired.
  3. Safety as we travel for hours via a small dinghy and each day as we travel in the boat to the different villages.
  4. Safety and peace for our families. Sara and the kids as well as Josh’s wife, Autumn, will be back in the city. Please pray for a boring and peaceful time for them! We’ve worked hard to set them up well and to be prepared for problems but it will be on our minds. The only way we’ll be able to communicate is through satellite texting and a sat phone as there is no cell service.

Aug 11th (so Aug 10 USA time) we should be returning to our families with stories to tell and lots to pray and discuss. We will keep you updated!

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