Our first team (the Canns and Dodds) has been in Mareroro since February 25th. The first supply run is scheduled for the 29th of March. One of our roles is to keep our team supplied with the things they cannot access in the mountains. Items like groceries, medication, homeschool items and construction materials. So far we are planning to perform supply runs for the team every 6-8 weeks depending on the flight schedules of SIL (Wycliffe Bible Translators) and MAF (Mission Aviation Fellowship).

boiling pot of Veggies
Making Dough

Something extra that Lorie and I wanted to do was prepare meals and frozen items for our team. The decision was rooted out of a desire to free the Canns and Dodds up, so they have more time to dedicate towards language and culture acquisition. We think it is a worthy investment of time with this end in mind. Lorie and I were busy cutting, blanching, boiling and bagging fruits and veggies (and pizza dough) yesterday for 4.5 hours. It was fun to do this work with Lorie!

cutting squash

A few days prior Knox and I took a trip to town purchasing items for the Canns. We went to MST Wholesale, Papindo and Andersons. Knox was tired by the end but he was such a diligent helper. It is always fun doing an activity with one of your kids. They have so much to chat about when they are away from their other siblings. I will be finishing up the remaining supply orders this coming week.

Please pray for us as we transition into these new roles. It has been a joy to step into them but there is also a degree of hardship because it is new.