Cameron Dodd

Cameron Dodd

sent out by Grace Bible Church to plant churches among the Ndo people

Sometimes, I just feel compelled to testify to what God has done these past three weeks. Because His kindness to us began surpassing anything we could have thought or imagined a while ago.

On January 9th, Matt went in for an MRI and was sent to the ER when they found multiple lesions in his brain. January 12th, a biopsy was done on one of these lesions in and the diagnosis was pronounced as Stage IV lung cancer, a disease and stage that presently has no cure and where Matt’s life is now measured in months or, hopefully, years.

We were in the hospital still and had not even begun to ask questions like: where will we live? how will we live? Thoughts about how everything we owned was in a village on the other side of the world hadn’t even occurred to us.

But God knew all of these needs before we did.

January 13th, the day after Matt’s brain surgery, while we were still reeling from the news of cancer, one of our pastors told us that there were people in our church who wanted to buy a house we could live in so we wouldn’t have to worry about not having a roof over our heads. Just a few days later, I got a call from a friend who told me that people had stepped forward and wanted to furnish our house for us. We picked out a house on January 17th and it closed on the 25th. When we arrived on moving day last Saturday, January 28th, everywhere we looked, there were brand new appliances, furniture, dishes, and bedding. Our fridge and pantry were stocked. Bookcases and beds were already assembled and there was a whole team of people working joyfully to do everything possible to move us in. Every single one of our needs was met before Matt and I even had to think about it. Who gets to see this kind of kindness? Who gets to see this much of God’s goodness on this earth?

My friends, we don’t even know who to thank. How many people who are still unknown to us who put furniture in our house or toys in my children’s bedrooms, food in our cupboards. I have lost count of how many gift cards were handed to us, meals were brought to us, cards and checks were sent to us, arms were wrapped around us, tears were cried with us, and prayers were prayed for us by people we know and people we have never met. In different circumstances, I would want to sit down with each one and say thank you. I would say we don’t deserve this. We are but two sinners in the hands of a good God. We are not the only ones to walk a difficult road, nor will we be the last. But I would say thank you again because we have been so very comforted and loved by every one of these people. So while I might never know or be able to thank everyone, for now, I will give thanks to the One who made each one and moved their heart to love us in this way and at this time because, ultimately, the glory will always go to Him. We are privileged to see so much of God’s goodness and love towards us.

If there is faith at all in us, know that the faith and strength come not from us, but from the One who set His great love on us before the foundation of the world. Who gave His Son so that a long time ago, we were already free from our sin and the fear of death.

We will know more at the end of this week about what treatment Matt might be a candidate for and what the next few months will look like for us. We will meet with three oncologists this week, seeking as many second opinions as we can without delaying treatment.

The news is still bad. The prognosis is still terminal. But our God is still good. And He is still in control. And He showed His love for us in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us! We drag our hope again and again back from statistics and new therapies and clinical trials and set them back on that one Rock that will never move, never change, and promises us hope so unbelievable and wonderful, that, if we aren’t quite always able to laugh, we are still able to smile.

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